Different Directions

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      Drops of dew slid silently off of the leaf placed right above Sky's head, dropping onto her face. She stirred slightly. The sun glistened overhead; indicating that is was early morning. Birds chirped, and small animals played about in the grass. Sky stirred.




      The "sleeping beauty" had awoken. The birds continued cheerfully chirping, which, rather than being a peaceful presence, annoyed Sky past any other annoyance.

      "Be quiet!" She raised her arm and shook it, not unaware of a metallic object she let fall from her arm. It let off a luminescent shine, reflecting the sun's light, which caught Sky's eye.

      "Ooh! Shiny!" Sky exclaimed, looking over the pendant that had appeared in her hand over the night. It was round, silver, with a pearly circle in the middle. Inside the pearly circle was an odd design, highlighted in purple. It resembled the form of wind sometimes used in drawings. "Spoony...." She giggled. "Andy! Freddie! Wakey wakey sleepyheads!" She screamed, getting up to her feet to wake her two friends up.

      "What? ..." Andrew muttered, getting up.

      "Look at the shiny thing I found" Sky giggled, holding the elaborately decorated pendant in her hand up to Andrew's view.

      "Strange..." Andrew muttered, digging through his pocket for something, pulling his own pendant out, "It's...like mine,"

      "Wow..." Sky gasped, reaching out for his. It was like hers, but gold instead of silver. The circle in the middle was a brilliant ruby instead or Sky's pearl, with a flaming symbol highlighted in orange. As she touched it, there was a burning sensation in her hand. "OW!" She shouted, and a green glow surrounded her hand, healing the burn. "That's an evil necklace, Andy."

      "Oh, "Andrew said. Looks like I'm not gonna give it to her anytime soon, he though), sticking his hands and pendant in his pocket.

      "Andy...where's Freddie?" Sky suddenly asked, looking around the area where the three friends had slept, the fire's remains still remaining from the long night.

      "I don't know," Andrew said, looking around.

      "Let's look for him," Sky replied, getting up to look for Freddie.

      Sky and Andrew had spent over an hour searching with their friend, without luck.

      "Well...I guess he left," Sky whispered, nearly crying. "Why did he leave?"

      "I'm just amazed he didn't take our stuff," Andrew remarked, looking through his things.

      "Who cares about that? He's gone!" Sky cried. "Can't we look for him? Please?" Sky whined.

      "I don't think so, I mean, it's not worth it, we just met him in the woods."

      "Andy.. we can't just leave him. He's our friend. Let's split up and look for him," Sky suggested, looking up into the cloudy sky above." All right, but we meet in town tomorrow, okay Sky?"

      "Okay Andy!" Sky giggled picking up her sword and leather bag, and walking to the right. "I'll go this way, Andy, okay? See ya! Remember, the town's over there!" Sky giggled, pointing north. Andrew nodded and walked in that direction.

      The setting sun shone brilliantly over Sky as she walked through the field, calling for her friend. Her gaze suddenly went from looking forward to down to some flowers on the ground. She giggled, and bent down to pick up the small pink flowers, when a loud rumbling sound could be heard. Her head snapped up, and she gasped in fear of the creature that had appeared in front of her.

      It had a ratlike head and body, but instead of being small enough to fit in Sky's hands, Sky was probably small enough sit on one of its paws! Huge feathered wings came from its back, and they were partially encased in a deadly looking armor of sorts that was bladed at the edges.

      "Holy spoon .. that's one big rat.." Sky muttered, stepping back and drawing her sword. The monster screeched at Sky, and for a moment, she was immobile.

      "Spoon..that's not good!" She exclaimed to herself and charged at the beast, screaming as she did so. Her attack barely pierced its skin. Sky jumped up, attempting to pierce the beast's eye, but she could not even reach its neck while jumping. The monster whipped its tail at her and she was sent soaring back, just missing a tree.

      "Ow.." Sky whimpered, looking up into the sky. It was getting dark, fast.

      The monster looked at sky, and she gazed back in fear.

      "Don't eat me," She squeaked. The monster looked away and snorted, and batted Sky with the bladed edge of its wing. Sky screamed and tried to counterattack, but she could barely get herself up, so her counterattack was nothing more than a pathetic poke with her sword. She tried to heal herself, but she was too tired to do anything.

      The monster looked at Sky hungrily, when suddenly, a shining object hit its head with an explosion! The monster jerked back, roaring with pain. Sky turned her head backwards and saw Andrew, holding his boomerang and smiling to Sky.

      "Andrew!" Sky gasped, running up to him and jumping at him with a big hug.


      "Its great to see you again.."

      "Sky..Its getting dark. There's a town nearby. Let's go over there, now."


      "Well..there seems to be no town nearby," Sky muttered sarcastically, as Andrew looked off into the distance.

      "Weird," He simply said, walking a few steps forward, approaching a cave, blocked by a large boulder. "Why don't we..stay in there?"

      "I don't like caves, Andy. And there's a boulder."

      "I'll solve that.." Andrew concentrated, as an ethereal glow surrounded him, a circle of flames quickly shot around him, as Sky jumped back, the flames grew larger, forming a dome over him. Sky gasped, stumbling back more. The dome of flames concentrated at the top, forming a single rope of fire, which crashed, into the boulder, with an explosion.

      "There." Andrew said, standing back, proud with his work.

      "Andy..I don't like caves, I'm, going." Sky said. She turned around and walked off, leaving Andrew behind, ready to look for the town herself. "I've got some dirty work to do.."

      Sky cautiously peeked into the bar. It was dimly lighted, and stunk of manly men at the height of their manliness. Eew. A few candles on each table provided light, but not enough to let her fully see. In a far corner of the room, a fight was going on.

      "Hey" She said loudly, getting barely any attention.

      She looked around, expectantly.

      "HEY." She shouted.

      Still, no one paid attention.

      "Listen up!" She screamed, stepping up on a table. Silence filled the bar. Everyone was now paying attention to the strange girl.

      "Thank you.." She put her hands on her hips, "Listen, guys, I'm looking for a highly dangerous young woman. She looks like me.. anyone see her?"

      "I have," a young man wearing an eye patch spoke up, "I saw her yesterday, she was looking for you. I lost my eye to her!"

      "Thank you.."Sky said.

      "She said she'd be back tomorrow."

      "I appreciate your help, sir. If she asks once more, I boarded a ship to another continent."

      The crowd was full of eager nods. Sky slowly stepped off the table and walked out of the bar.

      "Damn.." She muttered to herself, "Astra's around..I'd better get out of here quickly."

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