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      Andrew walked through the dark cave silently. The sound of his footsteps echoed bouncing off the walls of the cave. He continued into the darkness and the silence staring at the ancient walls in awe. It seemed as if nothing had disturbed the aerie serenity of the cavern in centuries. It was so dark he could barely see. He kept his pace going deeper into the blackness trying to ignore the creepy uncanny feeling that somewhere in the deadness of the cave something was watching him.

      He walked on until he reached a dead end. But something was wrong here. He looked at the large boulder in the middle of the room finally noticing a figure chained to it. He stepped closer and finally realized that he was face to face with a corpse its flesh rotted away after centuries of decay. He gagged and stumbled backward tripping on the bones of a deceased dragon. He stared at the long dead body void of clothing except for what appeared to be the tattered remnants of what could have once been a shirt. He moved closer and stared into the empty holes of which its eyes had once been. A strange possessing almost bewitching feeling came over him and he reached out to it. It was as if he had no control over his own hands as if someone else was moving them for him like he was a puppet. He reached further and caressed where its lips should have been. He jerked his hand away in fear and stared into the bones feeling pity for whatever it had been. He sighed and reached out breaking the chains that held the long dead body to the boulder freeing it from its restraints.

      Then he watched in awe as the skeleton's head jerked up a strange gasping sound emerging from its throat. He screamed in surprise as it fell to its knees and began to wheeze. Then slowly he watched on as flesh began to form upon the bones. Long luxurious blonde hair sprouted from its scalp and flowed down its back. Its body began to take the shape of a young beautiful female. Then he beheld her as two almost transparent wings formed from her back.

      The process had only taken minutes but it felt like an eternity. He stared down at her naked form huddled on the cave floor panting and gasping as if she'd not taken a breath for over a thousand years. Then he felt a crimson blush build on his face when he finally noticed her nakedness. He looked away so not having to see her body. Thoughts raced through his mind before he finally removed his pack and took out a sleeping bag from it. He uncurled the bag and wrapped it around the obviously frightened girl who looked up in complete shock at him. She struggled slightly before leaning against him panting and whimpering in fright.

      Andrew stared into her deep blue eyes seeing the speckles of red dancing within them and sighed. He knew not of what just really happened but he knew he couldn't leave her here. He curled his hand under her neck and his other arm under her knees. He stood and picked her up beginning to set out for the exit to the cave. The fairy girl just curled up against him within his sleeping bag and closed her tired eyes clinging to him.

      Andy smiled when he saw the light of the entrance and walked as quick as he could towards it. He stepped out into the light and set the girl down. Slowly her eyes flickered open..

      ..and she screamed as loud as she possible could.

      Her eyes snapped shut not being used to the harsh light of the day and tried vainly to crawl back into the darkness of her cave. Andrew reached out to her to stop her and calm her screams but received only a hard punch in the left eye sending him flying unto his backside. The girl free from his grasp squirmed into the cave holding her hand over her eyes protecting them from the light. Andrew stood opening his blackened painfully before letting out an agitated groan.

      "Great...Just great!"

      He mumbled under his breath before snatching a bottle of water from his pack and wandering into the cave. He opened his mouth to speak when he saw the girl curled up in the corner her eyes shut tight as tears slowly streamed down her pale cheeks. A small ruby and jade colored dragon was curled up on her lap nuzzling her hand affectionately. Pity took over and Andrew stared at her sobbing vulnerable form. He walked closer and sat down next to her ignoring the snarling and spitting dragon, which glared at him from her lap hatefully. He reached out and tucked her hair behind her ears getting her attention. She stared at him and at the bottle of water he held with distrust. He slowly reached to her and took her hand in his rubbing her palm with his thumb. The distrust faded and she sat up and stared longingly at the bottle he held. Noticing this he held it to her lips and she began to drink greedily gulping it down trying desperately to quench her dying thirst. Her eyes closed and she leaned up against Andrew and continued to choke down to water he offered her. Then when she finished she turned her head away trying to get closer to him wrapping her arms around his torso. She nuzzled her face into his shirt and began to drift off into sleep. Andrew sighed not really having much of a choice but to let her sleep there clinging to him. He stared down at her young face guessing she could only be about 14 or 15. She looked so defenseless lying there against him. He smiled slightly still having no clue to what just really happened before her leaned back against the entrance to the cavern's wall and fell asleep as well.

      Sky growled under her breath still angry with Andy for going into the scary cave. She continued walking towards the cavern her anger slowly fading. She finally found herself in front of the cave but there was not sight of Andrew. His bag and supplies laid on the ground but he was nowhere to be found. Soon panic and worry began to take over whatever anger she had towards him.

      "Andrew!? Where are you?!"

      What if he's still in there? What if he's hurt? Any fear she felt for the cave faded away and she ran to the entrance calling out his name over and over again. Then she saw him. He was leaned up against the side of the cave and appeared to be sleeping. Her worry slipped away and a smile of relief found its way upon her face. Then she noticed something curled up in his lap. She stepped closer and looked at the two. Her cheeks flared red in embarrassment and anger seeing as the person curled up there was a teenage girl and it wasn't hard to see that she was naked. I left him here for five hours and this is what he does!? Sky dropped her pack and sneered at him in anger before hissing to him, "Oh Andy!?" Slowly his deep brown eyes opened groggily just in time to see a fist fly right into his right eye blackening that one as well.

      "OW! What the hell Sky!?" he screamed standing up putting up his hands in defense. The fairy girl fell from his lap and hit her head on the rock floor waking up. She rubbed her head were she'd hit it and stared up at the two people in confusion. She slowly stood up as well her legs a bit wobbly. She looked at the two trying to remember what had happened. She looked at the boy and the right eye, which the brown haired girl had just blackened. She reached out to his eye and caressed it gently making him flinch away. Pity coated her face and she turned to the other girl a look of hate clouding her eyes.

      "What were you doing Andrew!?"

      "Nothing! I found her we didn't do a thing I swear!"

      "Yeah right!"

      "I don't think she even knows how to talk Sky.."

      The fairy girl growled under her breath still glaring at Sky and stepped between the two. Andrew touched her bare shoulder and tried to coax her away but stopped when he heard a chuckled from behind them. He turned to see the little dragon from earlier staring at them. It opened it mouth and began to laugh out loud and clear.

      "Best not anger Raine boy! She's already pissed off enough!"

      "Raine?" Andrew asked cocking his head to the side, "That's her name?" The small dragon nodded before a worried expression crossed his face, "Rai? Rai calm down..I don't think she meant to hurt him!" Andrew turned back to Raine to see her eyes glowing dangerously she straightened up and let out an angry snarl.


      Sky backed away in surprise before Raine lunged at her still in the sleeping back and closed her hands around her neck. They fell to the ground and a strange red glow began to surround Raine's hands burning Sky's neck slightly. Andrew stepped forwards and grabbed the girl and dragged her away from Sky so neither would hurt the other. After a few minutes of silence and glaring Andrew spoke up.

      "Raine? Can I ask you a question?"


      "Okay....What just happened?!"

      "Simple I tried to burn your pretty little girlfriend's throat out..."

      "....Ok...Next question what in God's name are you and why were you locked in this cave?"

      Raine smirked and curled up in his sleeping bag trying to become comfortable. She smiled at him, "Well if you haven't noticed what I am is the sexiest thing alive.." She was about to continue when her dragon's tail smacked her upside the head, "Ow! Java!?"

      "Be serious for one damn minute!" Raine nodded and continued, "I am a half fairy half human girl who was trapped her because some narrow minded bastard thought I killed someone.." Andrew nodded and stood walking out of the cave and into the sun. The two girls followed Raine shielding her eyes. Andrew packed his stuff and looked back at the two who were glaring at one another once again. He sighed and stepped between them, "Sky did ya find any type of town?" Sky looked at him and scratched the back of her neck nervously, "Er..kinda.." she mumbled not wanting to go back and run into Astra. Andrew nodded and picked up his pack, "Then you shall lead the way... We have to go somewhere and get Raine some clothes." Sky mumbled under her breath watching as Raine wrapped the sleeping bag around her shoulders and clung to Andy, "For some reason I doubt she minds.." Then they set out for town.

      Andrew sighed as he waited for the girls to step out of the small shop. He looked up as some cleared her throat and saw Raine clad in a red top with no straps and a pair of short...very short black shorts. She wasn't wearing any shoes and her hair was suddenly spiked with a braid falling down the left side of her face and the back pulled into a low ponytail. He blushed as she sat into his lap and pressed up against him, "You like Andy!?" Sky growled at her and pulled her from his lap, "Will you stop molesting him already!?" Raine pouted and faced away before walking off towards the tavern dragging Andrew with her.

      Andrew sighed in defeat as Raine wolfed down a third helping of eggs before finishing and staring at his plate. "Andy?"

      "Yes Raine I am going to eat it!"

      "Ok ok sheesh!"

      Andrew shook his head before looking down at his food and beginning to eat it slowly trying to take in everything that had happened that day. He stopped eating and stared out the window in a daze trying to remember if his life had ever been this weird. He shook his head deciding not and put his fork down on to his plate to find it missing. He looked up to see it sitting empty by Raine who was smiling at him guiltily. He sighed and hit his head against the table. He looked up at her with irritation, "Why did you eat my food?"

      "I've been locked in a cave for over a 1000 years..I'm a lil' hungry!"

      He shook his head and stared at her. She giggled and whipped a dab of syrup on his nose. He shook his head and turned away about to pay for the food when Raine's voice belted out, "Hey bar tender guy!? 3 bottle of sake...NOW!!!" Andrew held his now partially deaf ear and glared at her. She simply giggled and licked the syrup off his nose. He pulled away and suddenly realized something as 3 bottles of sake were handed to Raine who placed them in her pack.

      "Um..Raine...Isn't that expensive?"

      "Yeah so?"

      "Raine you don't have any money..."

      Raine giggled and stared at him passing him a sexy smiled, "I know! I'm not paying for them you are!" Andrew looked up at the man in charge of the tavern who glared down at him as Raine ripped the top off of the first bottle, "Ya better be able to pay for those kid!" Andrew moaned in defeat before handing him the rest of his money.

      "I can't believe she spent all my money!"

      Sky looked at Andrew as he grumbled about their new found friend under his breath. She smirked and shook her head before walking on. "Sky? Where'd Raine go?" Andrew asked as he followed her.

      "Last time I saw her she was drunk and singing something as she flew from tree to tree...."

      Three travelers walked on in the forest unaware that they were being watched. In the trees sat a girl clad in a skimpy red top and black shorts. Her blue eyes seemed to laugh and she grinned in a slightly drunken manor. She stared down at the travelers mainly staring at the 2 boys. She let out a giggle and jumped to a lower branch stealthily not making a sound and staying out of sight. She studied the boys one was clad in red and had black hair. A bandana covered this boy's eyes. She looked at the other who had blond hair. Both were older than her and were accompanied by a girl with short blond hair. She frowned it would be a lot harder to get to them if she was around. She shrugged Oh well she thought a slightly drunken smirk returning to her lips. I'll just rid of her..heh..then...I can play with the boys...

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