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      He slowed to a stop. He was actually on the outside of the forest right now waiting for the two travelers to catch up. He had to introduce himself at some time and get his job done. All he had to do was find the chosen and train them to use their power-

      Well, no. He was never really told that they would have to be trained to use their power..just trained. Blind thought for a moment. He was specifically told to train them but he wasn't really told exactly what or how to train them.

      "Oh my," Blind thought," This might prove to be slightly more interesting than I thought." Blind sat down on a nearby rock. He thought back on the first chosen he had seen. He had used his pendant when he was angry and scared. That could mean that Blind was to teach him how to use it at any time. But the boy also fought with the sword..was he supposed to train him how to better fight and not worry about the pendant? Oh this was getting confusing..

      Blind figured that at this rate he still had at least two hours before they arrived. He looked into the forest and saw a clearing. He could warm up in there, and wait until they came by to introduce himself.

      The clearing was fairly wide and had one or two large rocks on the outside of it. A good place to practice your fighting skills..if only you had someone to fight. Ah ha! He did have someone to fight. He pulled out his pack and opened it. He rummaged through all the old bottled until he came across a small box. Again his faulty memory had pointed him in this direction. He wound up the box and placed it on the ground and walked about 10 feet away. The box began to shake.

      Blind took off his cloak and shoulder armor. He was now down to his normal clothes. This ensured that he would be as agile as possible. He drew his sword and turned to face the box, whose top had now opened.

      The box wasn't that large but it held one wooden fighting dummy that could be practiced on. Blind was never really sure just HOW it fit in there, but it did, and out came a wooden dummy standing six feet tall and carrying two wooden swords. Just the kind of fighter a person would want to take on..not deadly but enough to give you a warm up.

      The dummy charged him. Blind swiftly stepped back and brought up his sword. His sword was at least as big as the dummy if not more, so it could easily get inside of the range of his attackers..and get inside he did. One clean ship later the dummy's head section was missing. It stopped and walked across the clearing to where it was and picked it up, and put it back on his shoulders. It attacked again.

      But this time when it charged it had one of his swords in a blocking position so that it would be very difficult to get a clean shot. Blind was forced to move. He leapt forward and landed behind the dummy. He spun around and had his sword easily blocked. Apparently he had had this trick pulled on him before. Blind jumped to the left as the dummy brought down his other sword missing his head by an inch. Blind did a counter clockwise spin to his right swing his sword at about hip level. The dummy back flipped over it, and taking advantage of Blind's open position charged him again. Blind quickly brought back his sword and barley managed to block both of the dummy's swords in time.

      Blind pushed his sword forward and too the left, using a kamikaze move that would knock the swords out of his opponent's hands, but Blind would loose his sword as well in the process. Blind glanced to the left and saw the swords fly about three feet to the left. When he looked back he was caught completely off guard by a quick shot to the jaw by the fighting dummy.

      Blind faltered and took a step back. The dummy charged and dealt Blind a quick blow in the stomach, which completely dazed him. As he straightened himself the dummy hit him again sending him backwards about five feet into the rock behind him. Blind felt his head hit the rock behind him and opened his eyes to see the dummy charging him. Blind braced himself against the rock and brought his hands up, grabbing the dummies hands before they hit him. The dummy kept pushing forwards, and it was taking all of blinds strength just to stay put. Then he heard it..

      That familiar "voice" that had been guiding him so far..and it seemed to be laughing at him. Everything in Blinds vision seemed to grow a darker shade of red. Blind suddenly found himself very angry. He didn't like being laughed at. He had been put in this place to train some kids that he didn't even know. Then when things would get even better he wouldn't even be allowed to fight! And now on top of all that, the one thing that had helped him stay sane all this time was laughing at him. Something screamed..It wasn't Blind, and it couldn't be the practice dummy, but something had most obviously screamed.

      Blind felt power in his hands. Then he realized that the screaming was something inside him..something that was being pushed aside that he shouldn't be moving! And then..it snapped.

      Energy surged from Blinds hands knocking the dummy the entire twenty feet across the clearing and into a tree. One second later blind had charged it. The force from the punch the Blind dealt it snapped the tree in half and sent the dummy flying. Blind speeding himself up "appeared" behind the dummy and delivered a well-placed kick that sent him to the middle of the clearing.

      The dummy rolled to a stop by his swords. He quickly stood up and grabbed them. Blind ran at him again. His hands were glowing with energy. The dummy took a swing and Blind knocked the sword away. The dummy tried again and Blind batted that one away as well. The dummy kept trying and after a few seconds was moving pretty fast, but every time he took a swing Blind blocked it with his hands. The dummy started to pick up speed and Blind realized that he was moving so fast that he couldn't see his hands anymore. The dummy was moving faster and faster. Blind knew that if it had a face it would be worried right now.

      Blinds face grew hot. The suddenly his eye-coverings disintegrated away leaving his eyes uncovered. Blind did scream this time, but not from pain but from fear..fear of what was happening to him. He caught the dummy's hands and held them in place. The dummy struggled but he couldn't move his arms. Blind's eyes hurt, so he opened them.

      Energy shot from his eyes and caught the dummy square in the "face". It seemed to glow and then the dummy dropped to the ground shaking and twitching. Blind walked over to retrieved his sword and put it away. He turned and helped the dummy stand up.

      "Well I must say. That was an excellent warm-up," the dummy happily bowed and returned to his box. Blind put the box back in his pack and lay against the rock. He thought briefly about what he had done and in fact how he had done it..but no clear answers came to him.

      Before he could give it any more thought, he was fast asleep..

      Blind woke up. It was a very uneasy waking up. He had the feeling that he had slept through something important. He always hated falling asleep but he knew now that his body needed it after fighting, to build itself back up. He looked at the sun. It hadn't moved much so he couldn't have been asleep for that long. He realized that he seemed to be requiring less and less sleep after fighting.

      "Now where was I going.."Blind thought to himself. That feeling of unease had kept with him so he knew that he might have been missing something important. Ah ha! The portal! He would need to hurry to get there in time.

      Blind stood up, replaced his cloak and sword. He reached up and found his eyes uncovered, he quickly remedied that with a spare bandage from in his bag. That should solve any, "eye problems" he might have in the future.

      Blind did a quick check of himself to make sure he was ready. His outer cloak was straight, his sword was in place. He mentally pictured himself dressed up and standing six foot four inches tall with a sword almost as long as he was tall. Yep..he must be pretty impressive to look at.

      The first thing Blind did upon exiting the clearing he was in was catch his head on a low hanging branch.

      Ignoring that slight embarrassing act Blind hurried on to the portal area. He had seen it on his way into the clearing where he warmed up earlier that day. His sight had picked it up quite some distance away as magical things often do. Now he followed the same way back. Within five minutes he was standing outside of the portal. Magic waves bounced off it, and the magic of Dragons Breath itself flowed in and out of it. From Blinds point of view a hole in the universe was quite a beautiful thing to behold. He stood there for a while enjoying looking at it.

      Suddenly a new magic entered. Instead of being the same style of the other magic waves that he had seen flowing by him, this one was white, and it was swirling around what appeared to be very dark green magic.

      "White and green," Blind thought out loud. He decided to se what the new forms meant and why they were moving towards the portal. Blind started to follow the streams to their source. He followed them for only a moment before he heard voices. HUMAN voices.

      At least he wasn't going to have to fight and get all sweaty before he met the two he was looking for. He had just found them both. Blind franticly looked around for a way to make a grand appearance. He finally stepped through the portal and watched through it waiting for a time to step out and announce his presence.

      "Raven, you have to stop blaming yourself. What happened wasn't your fault."

      "Please lets talk about it later if you want, I'm not really in the mood for it now."

      Blind looked out to see the Elvin girl and the boy named Raven talking. They didn't seem to be entering the portal anytime soon. Blind decided to take the initiative.

      "Good, yes Raven you should talk about it. You'll feel much better-"

      "Ahem," Blind started, "I'm sorry to interrupt but I felt that I should-" In a flash the Elvin girl had her staff in hand and had assumed an attack position. Raven had already pulled his broad sword out and was aiming the serious end at Blind. Blind stood about four feet away from the two and didn't want to get into a fight before his first lesson.

      "Who are you!?" Raven demanded.

      "I was getting to that before you pulled out that knife and started waving it around in my face. You should be more careful, you could put an eye out, and I'm already blind." Well so much for winning them over with a joke and a smile.

      "Like I was saying, my name is Chaos Devil. Of course you may call me "Blind" if you like, I prefer it." Blind took a step forward and held out his hand to shake Ravens..

      A flash..

      Blind saw Raven mistake Blinds wanting to shake hands as an attack, and took a swing at Blind.

      Blind quickly slowed down time and took a step back, as the sword missed his hand. Blind brought time back to normal.

      "A good swing but the ending left you wide open to further attacks in case you missed." Blind said to a quite surprised looking Raven. "Now if you would care to sit down over here I have some things I wish to discuss with you, and no doubt you have plenty of questions as well."

      Blind motioned to some nearby rocks and then walked over to them himself. He sat down and turned around. Raven looked at the Elvin girl and she shrugged her shoulders. They both walked over to where Blind was sitting and sat down a respectable distance away. The elf placed her staff across her lap but Raven kept his sword drawn and pointed at Blind.

      "You still believe that I wish to kill you. Why? Don t you think that I could have struck you down at any time that I wished?"

      "Maybe..maybe not. I'm just being cautious."

      Blind drew his six-footed sword and drove it neatly two feet into a nearby rock.

      "Then I'm going to be cautious as well," Blind said crossing his arms. Raven lowered his sword slightly.

      "Now as I was saying," Blind started up again, "I've been appointed to you by a very impressive looking council to train you, Raven."

      "What do you mean train?" Raven asked.

      "That I'm not sure exactly, but I will try to give you as much knowledge as possible for what ever final fight you might be partaking in-"

      "You're not making much sense, Blind." Raven cut in.

      "Yes I know, I'm sorry about that. Its all very confusing, I know. Well let's see if we can make any sense of it all. I could train you a bit more with the sword. From what I've already seen you could best any other man in swordsmanship, but you're lacking a few things that I might be able to assist with. I honestly wasn't given any real specifics to work on so I figured that Id simply work on things as they came up."

      "So you're here to help us?" The elf asked.

      "Him. I was told to help the pendant bearers, and you don't seem to have one, therefore.." Blind left the sentence open.

      "How do you know I have a pendant?" Raven asked picking up the conversation.

      "Well for one, I saw you use it..and for another thing the power radiating from it is enough to blind any one who can see magic slightly. I'm surprised you haven't run into more creatures than you already have. I'm guessing now that you have some questions for me, please go ahead and ask them."

      This could take some time..

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