Dark Angel

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      "You have disobeyed me, Trile." came a disembodied voice. The winged dark elf heard a male voice chuckle, as if it was some sort of joke. She stood there, trying to get a better look at the source, but it was to no avail.

      Trile hesitated, "M-my lord. I could not go through with it. There is no honor in murdering children."

      "Who am I to disobey?" I once asked myself, "I am nothing more than a subordinate after all." I serve under the same master as the others, and he is not a master who looks kindly on breaking the rules.

      She could practically feel his eyes as they scrutinized her from the shadows. He laughed, bitterly, "The whispers of the others have reached my ears," came the reply, "You have been one of one of my most trusted generals, but now I'm afraid I must brand you a traitor."

      Baneheart! Oh how I loathe him how. That name brings pain to my heart like no other. I used to think that I was nothing more than a cog in Baneheart's war machine. But now I believe I may have been wrong. I don't know why I didn't see it sooner. All the things he did..all the pain he caused.

      "What is that supposed to mean?" She kept her voice as even as she could, trying not to betray her fear. Trile ran her fingers through her black hair, trying to shake off any nervousness.

      "It means," he paused, "That you are to be relieved. I have already put Canon in charge of the assault." Baneheart's aura seemed to permeate the very air around her. She could sense that he had no good intentions for her whatsoever.

      Not that I am blameless myself; he's ordered me to do some terrible things, and I have never complained..before now..

      "No!" Trile looked out at the shadows with rage clearly evident on her face "There are innocents in that town."

      A red, gloved hand shot out from the darkness and clamped around her throat. With ease, Baneheart lifted her from the ground slammed her against a nearby wall, "Trile," he almost whispered, "My blue-skinned beauty." Her captor strode confidently from the shadows, "This is war! There are no innocents!"

      Trile was no longer able to suppress the terror that rose from within her; she was paralyzed. Baneheart snarled, "You know I cannot stand for defiance! If you weren't such an excellent leader I would disown you all together."

      Then maybe I'll disown you..

      "Your followers are many. Perhaps too many for your own good," Baneheart thought for a moment, "You have grown over confident..yes. Your ranks will be split among the others," he glared at her, "Don't you have anything to say for yourself?"

      When no answer came, he growled in frustration and threw her to the ground. Trile cried out in pain as she landed on her wing, spraining it.

      "Get out of my sight! Now!" Baneheart ordered, his eyes began to glow red with rage.

      Trile stood despite the pain. Her teeth gnashed, as her traumatized wing fell limp behind her back. Tears fell from her darkened eyes as she finally began to realize..I may just be a harpy who has risen through the ranks, but I'm no one's slave. I have my dignity and honor to worry about, but if I stay here much longer I'll end up just like the others..soulless puppets. If I stay here much longer..I may lose the very valor that I crave..I may have to do something about that..

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