Blind Devil

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      He's completed. This should be the finest warrior there is on the earth. He has no flaws.

      You are wrong, he has one. We could only make him in the form of a human; we could not give him the spirit of one. And without his spirit he has no sight.

      That is of minor consequence at this time. He is made from the energy of this world, it will help him see.

      Yes, you are right. I could not give him a spirit, so I gave him the power of justice. It is the same thing.

      Yes. He fights for justice and against the evil forces that lie in wait. Have you his uniform completed?

      I do. He fights as one of the Royal Mercenaries of the Setting Sun Empire. I gave him your sword and uniform, I didn't think you'd mind.

      Of course not. I fought for honor, and now this, my son fights for it. He shall bring the end to this battle.

      What? You know the future as well as I do. He cannot defeat the evil. Only stall it. The chosen ones are the only ones that have that power. He might have the power of this world but it is not enough.

      I know that! But he is our son. He has more power than that.

      He doesn't even have a name.

      I have named him. He will be named after the prophecy. "He will bring Chaos to those destroying the world. He shall be there Devil." Thus my son is born.

      He has your good looks.

      And your charm. Lets wish him good luck.

      It was much too bright. Or was that his imagination. Then he realized it was the tree he was leaning on. It was glowing. Quickly he stood up backing away from it reaching for his sword.

      His sword. He didn't remember having a sword. In fact he couldn't remember much of anything. His head ached, and the light wasn't helping things. He decided to leave. But not remembering who he was and where he was from left the choice of places to go rather limited.

      Looking up he saw a leaf the same color red as his uniform float down and land in front of him. The tip pointed out of the forest. He would walk that way. On his way out he picked up the leaf. He didn't know why but he thought he should keep it.

      He left the forest and walked for an hour. This was getting him nowhere. He pulled out the leaf and dropped it to the ground. The tip pointed in the direction he was going. He sighed and picked it up and continued walking. He hadn't walked for more than five minutes when he hared the sound of someone screaming. He followed the sound to its source and found a small wagon surrounded by three men in black clothes. He couldn't help but notice how the energy that helped him to see so far flowed around them. It in fact completely avoided them. These people had made themselves no part of the world. They must not be the friendly type.

      "Hey!" he called out startled by his own voice. "What do you want with them?"

      The three men turned around and were instantly taken aback by the man wearing the Royal clothes. The middle one wasn't as easily shaken and soon spoke up.

      "What I would like is their money, but I might take their lives if they don't give me what I want." The other two laughed loudly at the first one.

      "If you mean to harm them then I must stop you. I suggest you leave now." One of the men asked how he hoped to stop them, and then charged him. Then it happened time stood still.

      It didn't really stop but it slowed down enough to see the man coming. A quick sideswipe and a punch in the back ensured that he keep going. He stopped seconds later after hitting a large tree. He fell to the ground unconscious.

      The other man made comment about how fast he moved and was rewarded with a quick smack in the back of the head.

      "You idiot! We out number him. Just rush him and kill him!" Something tugged at the back of his mind. Oh yes..his sword. He parted a spot of the cloak on his back and reached for the hilt of his sword. Upon drawing it the second man saw that it was easily as long as he was tall and fled. The third was killed with no trouble.

      He walked over to the wagon and a little head poked out and stared at him. It obviously belonged to one of the wagon occupants.

      It was quickly pulled back in and a voice asked him to leave. He smiled to himself. If only they knew who he was. Wait if only he knew who he was. Everything in the fight has seemed so natural. He hadn't even second-guessed it. He thought for a moment. Now what was my name? The answer came immediately. You're Chaos Devil. People call you Blind. You are a friend to everyone on the side of justice.

      He stopped himself. He must have been around for some time to know that, he even had a nickname. He turned around to leave when he saw the axe flying at him..but it was already too late, and he was dead.

      He stopped and turned around. This time he brought his hand up and caught the axe before it caught him. Tossing it aside he looked up at the man who had regained consciousness.

      "Go away," He said. The man didn't need any second warning. Blind stopped and wondered what had just happened. Again the answer came. The world knows all. You saw some of what was to be and you changed it.

      That makes sense, Blind thought. He pulled the leaf out and dropped it to the ground. It pointed down the path. He picked it up and followed the path. He could only hope that all his days didn't start out like this.

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