Almost Meetings

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      It was cold. Blind looked around and saw that it was barley morning. Shivering, he put on his cloak and adjusted his sword to a more comfortable position.

      "I wonder how the elf and the fighter are doing?' He thought to himself looking in the direction of there camp... only to find them gone. He sighed loudly and began walking to where the campsite was. Then a thought struck him. If he could slow down everything around him... could he speed himself up. He was still a little confused about how everything worked but he decided it was worth a shot.

      He thought back to when he was attacked and concentrated on what had happened to him to make things slow down. He remembered something had clicked in..but it was way too natural to remember. It was almost like telling himself to breath, it was so deeply embedded into him he couldn't just readily just remember it. Then something happened. Something in the back of his head gave up and the knowledge came flowing back to him.

      And suddenly it was as easy as walking. He moved his arm and was surprised to see it move like a blur. A quick smile spread across his face and he was off running like a flash. The trees were blowing by him at an alarming rate, but the spirit that gave him sight told him which path to take and where the trees were. He felt relatively safe.

      Seconds later he was at the campsite. There were the remains of a fire there. The footprints were still fresh looking. And there were the ones he was looking for, leading off down the path. The human's right footprint was a little lower into the ground. He must have been helping the elfin girl along. She did take quite a beating last night. Shame if anything happened to her. Ah well, off to the town. Another flash of light and he was off at lightning speeds.

      The path quickly led off to a larger road. Blind sped of the road and just inside of the trees lining it so as not to be seen by anyone traveling the road. Looking to his left he saw a wagon slowly making its way up the path. He stopped and looked at it more closely. The canvas that covered it couldn't hide the fact that the spirit located itself in the general shapes of a human and an Elf. When the spirit moved off of the Elf it had lost some of its, well shine or essence. She must be healing herself or something.

      The town lay just up ahead. He could meet them there.


      More trees speeding by. The town grew in the distance until he was right at the front gates. He could wait there. Looking up he saw a tower about two stories tall with a flat roof. Blind pulled the grappling hook devise and hooked it to the top of the tower. Making a fist the Grappler started to pull him up to the top of the tower. When he reached it he pulled himself up over the top and looked around. He could easily see the road and a good portion of the town.

      It would still be some time until the two arrived, so he took off his cloak, sat down and set his sword on his crossed legs. After about five minutes he considered speeding up time around him, but decided against this not really knowing what it would do. Instead he rolled up his cloak and leaned his head against it. It was a warm day and just about noon, also. Within moments he was asleep.

      He awoke to find it was morning. He stood up and stretched, put his cloak back on and replaced his sword. Looking down off the tower he spotted the wagon he had seen on the road. It was stopped at an inn, which was a promising place to find the two travelers he was looking for. Blind jumped lightly to the roof of another building not far below the grappled across the street to the roof of the inn.

      Ah..just as he had figured. The human was in the back practicing with a sword. Now would be the opportune time to begin there training. Walking over to the edge he prepared himself to jump down and make a really snappy looking entrance.

      "The girls told me I'd find you out here." Blind heard the voice about a second after he jumped and only had one foot on the edge of the roof. Waving his arms for balance he fell backward onto the roof. Crawling to the edge to keep his balance, Blind looked over the edge. Ah, it was that Elf girl. Apparently she had survived and was now chatting with the human. He listened to there conversation, and found out that there was going to be some sort of party tonight, and that they would be leaving to go to a portal a few miles east of town in the morning. Perfect! He could meet them then.

      The elf stopped chatting and finally left. This left Blind alone to introduce himself. But upon looking over the edge Blind saw that he had a constant group of girls always following his every move and giggling whenever he wasn't looking at him. Well that about blows his chances for meeting him now, might as well get back to the tower and get some sleep. He could chat later.

      Blind snuck back to the tower and sat down. He put his cloak away and sat down with his sword across his crossed legs. Before he could sleep he had some things to think about. Like this training..how was he supposed to go about it? The boy could fight but what about his lighting power. How could the boy be taught to use it? And what about the other pendant bearers? Would they need as much training? All in all this was not going to be easy. All these questions and uncertainties made him uneasy and gave his strange dreams. People were laughing at him but he couldn't see them, then the dream changed. He was viewing the life of someone who he never met but seemed to know like a friend. His life passed quickly and Blind came out of it, shaking.

      Wait a minute..he has his eyes open, but he couldn't see! He was Blind! Reaching around he found that his eye covering had slid off from over his eyes. Once it was replaced he could see a man standing on the ground below. He was looking around quite nervously. Blind recognized him as the man in his dream. He had been staring at him with his eye covering off and had seen right through him. The man shook slightly like he was suddenly cold, rubbed his head and walked off. Blind made a personal note to himself to keep his blindfold ON.

      Not again! If its not my strange abilities, or quirky memory, its almost always my sleeping in! He swung down to the Inn and looked in the back yard area. The boy wasn't there but judging by the sun it must be about one pm. He would have definitely have left by now. Looking down he saw three girls walking from the Inn to the yard area. The redhead was in the lead. The informers had just strolled in.

      "Hey you three, can you help me?" He called down to them. The two in back seemed slightly intimidated by the stranger standing on the roof wearing long red robes. But the redhead wasn't shaken at all.

      "Hey what are you doing up there? Get off that roof! People aren't supposed to be up there you know! You could fall and break your neck!" Her confidence in Blind was stirring.

      "Okay, on my way down!" Blind shouted back to them, and then stepped off the roof. One of the girls opened her mouth as if to scream, but Blind landed on his feet in front of them with a solid sounding thud.

      "Now about that help I need... all it is, is a simple question: Where did the boy and the Elf go?"

      "And what do you want with them? You're here to hurt them aren't you? Well I'm not going to let you!" She shouted as she swung a basket around at Blinds head. Blind quickly reached out and caught her arm stopping it. The other two girls backed away.

      "All I need is some information, and if I'm not going to get it the easy way-" He took off his blindfold and was flooded by the girls memories,"-then I'll have to use that hard way." Names and places flashed in Blinds mind. He quickly searched around and found the ones that he needed and let the girl go.

      "Thank you," he said replacing his eye covering and letting the girl go, "I'll tell Raven that you said, "hi"." Blind started to walk off and the girl ran for the backdoor. But when she opened it she found Blind standing there, sword drawn.

      "I'm pretty fast huh? And don't worry; I have been assigned to train them. Not to harm then. If I was supposed to kill them, they would have never made it here." Blind walked out the door and passed the girl replacing his sword, and speeding himself up was gone in a flash.

      The road was where they were going. Emmelyne and Raven had left one hour earlier. He could catch them pretty easily and start the introductions then. He was patient.

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