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      My name is Sky... Sky McCloud. Sounds like some cheap pun, but it's my name. I am 14, and I grew up in the small town of Noire, set between the sea and the desert. In Dragons breath, of course... I'm not one of those Earth people.

      A girl of about 14 walks aimlessly through a field, set at the edge of a desert. She has shoulder-length brown and silver hair, kind, yet slightly wild eyes, one blue, and one gray. Wearing a short purple dress, with a black knee-length coat over it. She also wore Knee-length boots. Strapped to her back, a long sword, almost her height, encased in a decorated blue sheath, with a snakelike golden dragon wrapped around it. She is tightly holding a small, battered, brown cloth bag, in which there was a spoon, an apple, and a very small amount of money.

      I come from the town of Noire, which has a reputation for being full of...naughty people... Thieves, gamblers, and many, many criminals. My mother was a very rich woman from Noire, which doesn't mean much... not much money around Noire. My father... was one of the "naughty people" of Noire. I'm not sure about much of him, but my mother refuses to speak of him... so, I am assuming he's... bad. Noire is too small to be cared about. My grandfather was a highly skilled weapons maker, my grandmother, a strong magic user, died at 73, having not completed her goal of protecting the world of Dragons Breath.

      Sky walks further through the field, reaching the edge of the desert.

      My middle name is Espoir... in case anyone would care. My grandmother always said it meant "Hope".

      Sky sees a town in the distance, with panicked people surrounding it. She runs towards it.

      I possess two powers, healing and wind. The wind usually doesn't work, though. I'm not skilled enough, I guess. I can cheer anyone up. I'm very hyperactive. I'm a good actress. I like spoons!

Sky McCloud
Character & Art © Dianne Esson

      The town was soon to be burning down, and there was nothing Sky could do about it. The constant panicked screams of the villagers reminded her of the danger she was in. And, yet, she approached the town's center. One house was intensely burning, and the winds that struck the town were a threat, they could spread the fire easily. The town was Talin, located at the edge of a desert on the east side of Dragons Breath... a town too small to be cared about by most.

      This town is full of people, they just can't die.

      There was absolutely nothing she could do to save the town. Unless.... a great gust of wind whirled around the center of the town, sending flames from the burning house that was starting the town's problem, to another home, Sky's shoulder-length brown hair with bits of Silver scattered throughout, flew up slightly in the wind... the wind.

      "YES!" She exclaimed, surprising the few villagers trying in vain to stop the house's burning. She knew what to do!

      As I said, I possess control over the wind, and healing. Both of these powers could prove helpful now.

      Sky kneels down in the center of the town, half closing her eyes. Many people stare at her, confused at what she's trying to do.

      Wind.................wind......wind.............stop............... STOP

      "STOP!" Sky screams, and the wind stops, but not after blowing the burning house's fire out. The citizens of the town look at Sky, amazed. "SPOON! YEAH, ALRIGHT! I DID IT!" Sky shouts, jumping up and down, impressed with herself.

      Sky gives a cute pose, a comical grin on her face. "I really hope I didn't interrupt anything!" She exclaims, as all the villagers come closer, to thank her. She grins, slightly, at the flow of comments and thanks, and "I owe you my life."

      "It was nothing, really!" Sky said modestly, grinning; yet inwardly wondering how her power had worked now, but not other times, when she had tried to use it.

      Sky quickly turned around, and then started to cheerfully skip out of the town, whistling to herself. Sky tripped on a small, glittering object, she got up, brushed herself off, and bent down to pick it up. It was a tiny golden orb, with the word 'Espoir' written on it. Hope. She smiled to herself, placed the object in her bag, and skipped out of town.

      My name is Sky McCloud...I am 14, and I grew up in the small town of Noire...And ran away from home for no reason, a week ago. I'm hyperactive and I like Spoons. And I really need to find some friends, because, I'm talking to myself.

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