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      I never realized that my life was so boring. Always the same routine over and over again, but since a couple of weeks, it started changing for the worse... Everyday, I had problems with either my family, my little school routine or other things. My name is Frederick. I'm sixteen, and I have a lot of trouble finding my way because of my sudden harshness when things go wrong. People know that I want to help. I could look around and see where I was needed, but not here. It was all horribly wrong. When I helped someone, I always got some bad comments, and I hated that.

      There was one thing I would never tell these people, something that I have kept as a secret for so long. Every time trouble is comes my way, even though I don't know it, my hair turns to black. Another thing that was quite unusual. When I was around 6 years old, I took a wooden stick in a park near, and began to play with it. A week later, I played with a small broom, and my parents just looked at me playing with it. Maybe that's why, two years later, they got me into a defense class, where we tried to learn to defend ourselves. After some time, people started to complain that I was no only defending, but attacking at the same time. After some time, I was kicked out of the group. But the next weekend, I was back in another group training to attack as well as defend. There I learned quickly how to fight battles. It took me 5 years to get over the hierarchy.

      Then, a streak of strange events started to fall on me. One winter day after school, my parents came to pick me up. We took the highway up to our house. The trip lasted about fifteen minutes. After half around of the trip, a big snowstorm started around us. We couldn't see around the car, so we advanced slowly in the storm. Suddenly, from behind the snow fog, came a huge truck. It was in a collision course with our car. My father tried to change direction, but it was following us, chasing us, like a wolf hunts its supper. He tried to get away from it, but it was too late. I hid my head behind my hands: I was really afraid; I couldn't face death, at least not now. I heard a loud crashing, then, the silence of the blizzard ruled again over the road. I opened my eyes... I wasn't dead. I looked behind me, and I saw something really odd: The backside of the car tore itself apart from the front part. I don't know how this miracle happened, but I was saved. The truth must have been too hard to take, and I lost consciousness in the raging storm.

      I was sitting in a forest, in the middle of an afternoon. All was strangely calm: the birds weren't signing, there were no animals walking around and the sky was as blue as the deepest sea. Then, a wind started to blow. It was a gentle breeze that didn't stop. After several seconds, a voice could be heard:

      - Frederick! You have come this far, and I am proud of your accomplishments.

      - Who are you?

      - You won't know. Besides, if I tell you, you won't understand a thing that I'll say. I see that you have learned some tricks that we taught you.

      - What things?

      - The power of wind. You used it, and you saved your life with it, that means you are ready.

      - I have two questions: Ready for what and did I really cut the car in two?

      - Yes, you did. That's enough talking about that little action. I am giving you two things to achieve. Your first goal is to find the wind symbol. It is hidden in a place you know. Second, you must go out and seek Jovales, the scholar who lives in Audkahn, he will help you in your quest. Do you understand what you have to do?

      - Yes, I do. But why must I do it?

      - You are the chosen one and only you can do it. You will understand in time.

      The soft breeze stopped. I tried to talk to the person that was there, but there was no response. Finally, I awoke.

      I woke up in the snow, sitting in the back section. Two policemen were looking at me, trying to see if I was hurt or not. I didn't answer, so they tried to get me out of the car, but there was something stopping them from doing so. They looked around me, and saw that I still had my seat belt.

      "Yeah, I forgot about that. Good thing he had it, he was the only survivor, and we can't find the truck driver." I heard one of the policemen say.

      They put me in a hospital for a night and they brought me back home the next morning. When I opened the front door, I was surprised to see a paper lying on the corner of the table. It was a note left by someone. I took it and read its contents:

Dear Frederick,
We know you have had some terrible time lately with the death of your grandparents, so we thought, even though if we're there that we leave you a message. There are some things that you better know about your parents. First, your father never wanted to tell you, but since he's getting a little bit nervous about his past lately, I better tell you all. Your father comes from a realm, called Dragons Breath. He was born in the city of Horlin. This city is the home of a certain kind or elemental, which have some different powers than the majority of the elemental race. He was a wind speaker, a class of wind elemental. One day, for a reason that I don't know, he fled his peaceful town, to come here on Earth. He married me, and he tried to hide his past, until this week. He seemed quite annoyed by the evil beings he calls the Unseelie. What I told you means another thing. It means that you have some powers. Don't use them against people, and you're going to make me proud. Be nice tomorrow at school.
- Your Mom

      I didn't believe it. I was from somewhere else, me that thought that my life was boring. Now everything changed my lifestyle. If my father was worried about something, maybe I should be too. I took my lucky battle stick and went to the wreckage to put some flowers in memory of my lost parents.

      The media was there when I arrived. They asked the policeman about what happened, but he didn't know. I approached the front part of the car, and I dropped half of the flowers and I sat in the snow to think about them. After several minutes, everyone left the crash site, and I got to the back of the car to put the last of the flowers. When I did so, I saw an eerie glow coming from under the seat. I stepped down into the snow the reach the object. As soon as I got it, I felt a strange pull coming from behind me. I was finally sucked in some kind of vortex, to somewhere that I didn't know.

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