of the

Dragons Breath

When the portal opens thrice in a year
When warnings are whispered in chosen's ear
A sign of a time, a time of great strife
Where warriors must fight for the Lord of Life

Hidden the magic, and so fate foretells
That Mastermind evil his prison shall dwell
Until his chosen a hammer-blow smash
Mastermind the evil freed with a crash

Now hear me, young child and judge for yourself
The heroes chosen by human and elf
The Council is wise, its leader divine
No hero will fall to women and wine

Thunderbolt pendant has chosen the first
Knowledge he shall find that will slake his thirst
The second born of Elven heritage
Her father outcaste and untouched by age

The third is a child of crystals and earth
Orphaned is she and lives at strangers' hearth
Daughter of the wind the fourth heroine
Her strength and good cheer could well help them win

Uncontrolled fire the fifth hero's bane
His powers are strong yet useless in rain
Dark elf court's chosen the sixth hero is
Perhaps dark in name but not truly thus

So the heroes will confront Mastermind
And rid Dragon's Breath of him and his kind
The world will be calm, finally at peace
And evil entrapped will not find release.
   Part 1

Chapter 1 :: Raven

Chapter 2 :: Emmelyne

Chapter 3 :: Silent Whispers

Chapter 4 :: Fragments of Memories

Chapter 5 :: Blind Devil

Chapter 6 :: Nightmare's Game

Chapter 7 :: Almost Meetings

Part 2

Chapter 8 :: Sky

Chapter 9 :: Frederick

Chapter 10 :: Different Directions

Chapter 11 :: Raine

Chapter 12 :: Frederick’s Adventures

Part 3

Chapter 13 :: Introductions

Chapter 14 :: You give me the creeps!

Chapter 15 :: Where do I belong?

Chapter 16 :: Aftermath

Chapter 17 :: Insight

Chapter 18 :: Dark Angel

Chapter 19 :: Late Night Pondering

Chapter 20 :: Takeover

Chapter 21 :: A Heart as Cold as Stone

Chapter 22 :: The Echoes of Memories

Part 4

Chapter 23 :: Reunion

Chapter 24 :: The Old Dragon

Chapter 25 :: Belated Heart

Chapter 26 :: Tainted History

Chapter 27 :: The Tree: Memories of the Past

Chapter 28 :: Dark Wind

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