Many years ago, the world stood on the edge of chaos. Though there were many reasons for this, on in particular stands out. The destructive force known as Magic had become a tool of the powerful, and was used to conquer and destroy. Wars raged throughout the world, bringing blood and pestilence to all corners of the Earth. The end of mankind seemed to be in sight.

      When mages feared that magic would bring ruin upon all the people, they devised a plan to draw all the magic of the world into a new realm and seal it away from Earth forever. It was near the end of what we now call the Dark Ages that this plan came to light. Using all of their strength, they created "The Gate," a celestial vortex, on the continent of Atlantis.

      Thought there were those who preferred to risk ruin in order to gain more power. One in particular named Mastermind attempted to halt the wizards in their plan and prevent the transfer.

      It is said that the battle they waged on Atlantis was bloodier than any before it or since. Many a valiant soul was lost. Those who chose to protect the mages met Mastermind's forces head on, fighting sword and hand against bone and claw. The armies struggled, but found themselves at a stand still, and neither side seemed to be able to gain an advantage. Bodies quickly piled up until they formed a physical barrier on the battlefield. However, those lives were not lost in vain, and every drop of blood has been avenged.

      The warriors bought the mages the days they needed to complete The Gate, and though Mastermind attempted to stop them, he but failed and was sucked in, along with the mages themselves. All magic, including magic enhanced creatures were drawn into The Gate.

      Then it closed, and Dragon's Breath formed...

      Since that day, more than one thousand years has passed. Both worlds have developed on their own. While Earth became a world of science, Dragon's Breath became a world where magic and psychic energy pervades the very air. In fact, there was so much so that it could actually be mined from underground caves. Towns like Anintur thrive today because of such "natural" wonders.

      However, the legacy Mastermind did not end with his failure at Atlantis. He and his armies waged war after war. They would destroy and pillage any land that they came across, and quickly gained enormous power. If left unchecked, Mastermind would have eventually gained rule over the entire forsaken realm of Dragon's Breath.

      One day, a hero appeared and challenged Mastermind to one final battle. They fought for hours, however, Mastermind proved to be an evil that could not be destroyed. So, dawning the crystal-bladed sword called the Apocalypse, and using every ounce of his strength, he sealed the evil wizard in the gap between dimensions. Then, he sealed The Gate once more and rid Dragon's Breath of his darkness forever.

      The mysterious hero vanished on that day, leaving behind a legend that would be told in stories and song for generations to come. The crystal-bladed Apocalypse also disappeared and is lost to this day.

The Coming of the Wizard

      Since then, Dragon's Breath has healed its wounds. Lives there are reasonably calm and routine. Many people have forgotten about the evil wizard, Mastermind, and those who do remember speak of him as myth only. That is why the people of Dragon's Breath were so unprepared for recent events.

      Mastermind survived. Though he could not escape his prison, he created Baneheart, an alter ego and sent it to Dragon's Breath to complete his work. It is said that Baneheart has no soul of his own, but is a mere puppet that wants nothing more than to conquer both dimensions in his master's name.

      It was a very sudden shock when Baneheart appeared one day, commanding armies that had not been seen for hundreds of years. Mastermind and Baneheart will stop at nothing to possess both Dragon's Breath and Earth....

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